Chum of the Month - Andrew Watts

Hello chums! Well – it has been more like Chum of the Decade rather than of the month but hopefully I will remedy this moving forward and we’ll get back to a more regular rhythm.
An extra lengthy Chum Chat with this one as I introduce my long time pal, counter tenor Andrew Watts, who, as you will hear has his fingers in many pies…

Chum of the Month - Gerald Barry

After a long absence I’m delighted to get back on track with lovely chum Gerald Barry. We discuss his latest opera, Alice’s Adventures Underground, as well as his other works and the horror of stage fright.

Chum of the Month - Michael Nyman

For my “new look” website I am delighted and honoured to welcome Michael Nyman as my Chum of the Month. We discuss “War Work” – his dark and powerful composition created in 2014, which is both film with accompanying soundtrack written for myself and the Michael Nyman Band, in commemoration of the centenary of WW1.

Chum of the month - George Benjamin

This month I welcome the renowned British composer George Benjamin as chum of the month. I am intensely proud that George composed the contralto role in his first chamber opera, Into the little Hill, for me, and I am delighted to have performed this fantastic opera many times all over the world.

Chum of the month - Oliver Knussen

The chum of this month is another phenomenal British composer, Oliver Knussen. We have worked together on many projects -usually contemporary – although I did sing Bianca on his beautiful recording of Britten’s The Rape of Lucretia. This chat took place before a performance of Harrison Birtwistle’s Meridian at London’s Cadogan Hall in September 2014.

Chum of the month - Lynette Tapia

Hurrah for being very silly! Lynette and I had a stupendously silly time working together in Rossini’s La Cenerentola at the Salzburg Festival in the hilarious production by Damiano Michieletto with the legend who is Cecilia Bartoli in 2014. Watch out for a portly bonus at the end…(Too many schnitzels Hilly!!)

Chum of the month - Manuela Ochakovski

Welcome to Manuela Ochakovski, my incredible singing teacher who has, much to my amazement, rekindled an enthusiasm in me for all things vocally technical. Originally from Rumania, Manuela is currently based in Holland and anyone interested in honing their own vocal skills should definitely seek her out on her website at

Chum of the month - Dr Jeff Phillips

A massive hug of gratitude to Dr Jeff Phillips for all his stupendous diligence and enthusiasm in creating the Cave of Curiosities and continuing to find oddities to amuse and entertain. Here we are chatting about everything and nothing.

Chum of the month - Aoife Miskelly

Continuing with chums from the cast of Gerald Barry’s The importance of being Earnest, here is lovely Irish soprano Aoife Miskelly revealing hidden talents in our dressing room at the wonderful Gaiety theatre, Dublin.

I have foolishly managed to delete the opening of this vid – we are chatting about sheep…

Chum of the month - Chris Cull

As a continuation of my fantastic experience with the Cast of Gerald Barry’s amazing and hilarious opera “The Importance of Being Earnest” here is a brand new chum, met for the first time on this production; the lovely baritone, Christopher Cull.

Chum of the month - Cast of Earnest

A belated October Chummery but tenfold the chums! Meet the cast of The Importance of Being Earnest : Stephen Richardson, Pierre Andre Valade (conductor), Jess Walker, Olwen Foure, Christopher Cull, Peter Tantsits, Josh Bloom and Aiofe Miskelly.

Chum of the month - Judith van Wanroij

A little later than usual but nonetheless a hearty welcome to September’s chum, the delightful soprano Judith van Wanroij. Apologies for technical problems with the camera which means that there is some deeply dodgy editing on my part.

Chum of the month - Anu Komsi

This gloriously sunny month (hopefully the rays will continue to beam) I’d like to welcome my great friend, the Finnish soprano Anu Komsi. Anu and I have worked on many projects together and we first met through George Benjamin who wrote the two roles in his chamber opera “Into the Little Hill” specifically for our voices. I also love the fact that Anu is about a foot shorter than I am and we look hilarious walking down the street together!

Chum of the month - Adam Dudley Fryar

For the summer month of July I’d like to introduce my delightful Godson, Adam. He has been responsible for all things technical on our finger puppet epic and indeed voices The Deceitful Crocodile himself. Look out for The Adventures of the Deceitful Crocodile – Part Two: The Revenge of Piggalina being filmed this summer, released early Autumn.

Chum of the month - Christian Curnyn

I am delighted to welcome as First Chum of the Month my dear friend Christian Curnyn, conducter extraordinaire and baroque music supremo. Christian and I first met over 15 years ago and have worked together on numerous projects including recordings of Handel’s Semele, Partenope, Flavio, Il trionfo and most recently Serse.